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Speculation about Saints quarterback Drew Brees‘ future has been a constant for the last few seasons and it’s ramped up a bit this year after the rib and lung injuries that caused him to miss four regular season games.

Brees had a bit of fun with that at his Thursday press conference by saying that he’s “made a decision about being the best I can be this week so we can go win this game so we can keep playing” this year. He also said that the prospect of this being his final season isn’t a new thought for him to chew on.

“You know what? Honestly, I’ve played the last four seasons in a row as if it was my last,” Brees said, via the team’s website. “So as I sit here, right now, my approach is very much the same.”

The last few seasons have ended with disappointing outcomes in the playoffs, including last season’s home loss to the Vikings in the first round. The Bears will be on the other side of the field this time and Brees will be trying to show the same approach can bring about better results.