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Called the ‘Bendable CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) display,’ the 48-inch 4K set’s “paper-thin screen” can bend from flat to curved—with a radius of 1,000mm—at the press of a button.

LG has plenty of experience when it comes to unconventional OLED TVs. The company’s rollable television, the Signature OLED R, went on sale last October. The $87,000 display hides inside its stand when not in use, unfurling into a full-size 4K screen when activated.

LG’s rollable Signature OLED R

LG has shown off flat-to-curved TVs in the past, though the most recent 65-inch model was designed for first-class cabins on planes. There was also a similar concept on show at CES 2014.

In addition to its bending abilities, the TV being shown off next week has another trick up its sleeve: the entire screen doubles as a speaker. Vibrations produce sound in the panel itself—created by a 0.6mm-thick film exciter underneath. This also helps keep the screen’s thickness to a minimum.

The Bendable CSO display also has gaming credentials, with a response time of 0.1ms and an adaptive refresh rate that varies from 40Hz up to 120Hz, which should make it an appealing prospect for Xbox Series X and PS5 owners.

The bendable TV is still a concept, and given the price of LG’s rollable OLED, expect any final product to be costly.